Belmar’s Minister of Entertainment: Barry Peterson

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Since Belmar’s Pro Entertainment Overlord is on-point again for this year and has helped to re-organize the overall beach layout, stage setup, band booking and the after parties, we figured it made sense to re-visit this gem of an interview from last year’s event! …. And, since his band Barry and the Penetrators (along w/ Fiction 20 Down) will be rocking out the BPro once again this year, we figured re-posting was a no-brainer! Enjoy:

"Hi, I'm Barry. Welcome to Belmar. Hope you have a great time."

So Barry, what is your history and connection with Eastern Lines?

Barry Peterson: When I was 14 years old, I came into Eastern Lines on Main St. and met Don Tarrant, (owner) and instantly fell in love with the surf culture in Jersey. Coming from Cali, it felt just like home. I started working there 15 years ago and have been apart of the Eastern Lines family ever since.

And tell me about your longstanding Belmar party band, Barry and the Penetrators.

Barry Peterson: I’ve had the band 12 years, and we are total beach lifestyle music. When the first Belmar Pro came around, they needed a band to play on the beach and we filled that slot perfectly.

How’s the groupie situation these days?

Barry Peterson: The groupie situation is going very well. My wife’s in the band and she has tons of groupies. Ha. The rest of us are all ugly.

How did you become the master of musical ceremonies at the Belmar Pro?

Barry and his Penetrators will be rocking all over Belmar in Sept.

Barry Peterson: After the first one, I realized that I booked my band all over and could definitely get other bands to play the Belmar Pro. Don Tarrant said “go for it,” and just blew up from there.

Who do we have on the line-up this year?

Barry Peterson: This year we have, of course, Barry and the Penetrators, as well as Paul Cilinski, Predator Dub Assassins, the Solid Few, Echo Movement, Fiction 20 Down, Burning Suns, and Flight’s Kool.

What new bands are you excited about?

Barry Peterson: Fiction 20 Down, from Maryland.

What kind of a sound do they have?

Barry Peterson: They have a reggae, rock vibe.

Fiction 20 Down

How difficult is it to find acts that are going to keep everyone happy on the beach?

Barry Peterson: That part is tough, but we have such a big genre of different artists, that there is basically something for everyone.

Have you had moments where there was something insane happening on the stage while there are all these families on the beach?

Barry Peterson: Yeah, when Three Bad jacks from LA played, they lit their stand-up base on fire.

And you’re band always has a few gigs that weekend?

Barry Peterson: Yeah, check the Belmar Pro website for everywhere we’ll be playing throughout the contest.

Do you get exhausted?

Barry Peterson: Yes but I stay totally hydrated with my Vita Coco.

Where else will you be playing this year?

Barry Peterson: We’ll start a tour after the Belmar Pro is over. We’ll be playing from Vermont all the way down to Florida. Can’t wait to see all our East Coast friends. You can check out the new video from Barry and the Penetrators, “Wicked Game,” here.