Ben Graeff has talent

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Ben Graeff

Graeff returns to Belmar

So if you haven’t seen the creatively wild things that Ben Graeff of Longport has been doing with, you certainly heard about his crew’s big appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” where they tested their boy Horse’s testicular fortitude.

This summer, Ben Greaff has been holding the Nub Surf Series, including the Medival Mayhem and Beach Clean ups in Atlantic City. Check that all out here.

Graeff is no stranger to the Fosters event. He has competed in both the Belmar Pro and the Fins Pro Junior. Now, with going off the charts, Graeff returns this year to bring South Jersey back to power in Belmar.

He had this to say: “I walked into a butchers shop earlier today. I bet the butcher $50 that he could not reach the meat on the top shelf. He looked and me and said, ‘No, the steaks are too high.’ Actually I love Belmar. Let’s make it a good one boys.”