FINAL DAY: 2018 Monster Energy Belmar Pro

WOW!! Let’s start off with the fact that for the first time in the event’s history, due to an intensifying forecast with stormy conditions for finals day, and since this is fixed-date event that doesn’t run on a waiting period, we decided to jam all the remaining heats in on Saturday and finish a day early using simultaneous heats running between the north and south halves of the beach !! And with the last heat ending as the streetlights went on, we pulled it off! Read More

DAY 1: 2018 Monster Energy Belmar Pro

Aaaannnnnd once again the “surf gods”, Mother Nature, King Neptune, cosmic luck, “Don’s Luck”, whatever you want to call it, for Day 1 it came through with some “contestable” yet NE onshore surf popped up due to an incoming low front and increasing NE winds. Read More