Day 2 Is A Wrap!

South wind came on today just enough today to keep the swell from disappearing and begin our next building phase for Finals Day.  This kept the heats grinding along today as we picked up from yesterday with Round 3 Heat 6 of the Mens division completing Round 3 and shifted into Longboard and Womens heats to close out the day.

One of the more interesting highlights of the day came when a giant heavy behomth of a boat drive right across the front of the lineup pushing out an impressive visible boat wake that created a solid set of chest high waves breaking left against the south swell off the jetties as it passed by. A competitor actually picked off one of them for a scored ride. Read More

Day 2 Late Morning Update

Just to give an update on things:

With Round 3 Heat 14 currently underway as of 10:50 am, with the ever-changing local marine forecast under tight watch, we will be ending Mens heats at the end of Round 3 to fit in a few Longboard and Womens quarters and semis heats, possibly returning to kick off Round 4 Mens by late afternoon. Depending on the forecasted stiff South winds for later this afternoon, we may move kicking off Mens Round 4 till first thing tomorrow morning since the waves are forecasted to be better tomorrow.

Visit the Schedule Page for fresh update.  Heat Draws will be updated tonight.

Sam Hammer dominating his Round 3 Heat today, P: Daniel Stockdale




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