Swell Thoughts for 2011

Perhaps some of the most notable names to make appearances at the Belmar Pro haven’t been Ben Bourgeois, Shea-Lo or Sam Hammer.

The biggest names have been Ivan, Maria, Frances, Isabel and Ophelia. These are the tropical storms and hurricanes who graced the contest in years past. After 2003 opened to a giant nor’easter, swell from Tropical storm Isabel filled in for the finals. That set the tone for storms. Read More

History Made in Belmar in 2010!

The Sixteenth Avenue Beach in Belmar has seen some amazing events, but this was the most exciting day in the history of the Fosters Belmar Pro, thanks to Hurricane Igor. Rolling sets from four to eight-foot poured into the Belmar beach all day long, creating moments of drama where thousand were on their feet. Read More