Sweet Maria

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The Fosters Belmar Pro is just two days away and the town is already humming with excitement. On the heals of Hurricane Katia, it seems we’ve got another system right on time to be a wavemaker for this year’s event.

Tropical Storm Maria should put Belmar into some pretty greens by the weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Maria. Maria is a Tropical Storm. She’s been downgraded from hurricane status, but still has plenty of life left in her this morning, with wind gusts up to 65 mph. Right now, our girl Maria is on an amazing track to deliver for Thursday and Friday. Our friends at SwellInfo are calling for a bump in swell to start the contest with perfect light offshore west/southwest winds.

Later on in the weekend, we could see the winds come onshore, but build an even bigger swell with overhead sets. Who can forget last year, when Michael Dunphy grabbed that massive tube in the final to win the Pro?

Kelly Laide enjoyed some fun Katia swell for the Am Weekend. Now it's Maria's turn. Photo: Steve Lehner


Of course, we have to see how things pan out as it gets closer, but surfers know there is a very good chance of some solid surf this weekend.