Foster’s Belmar Pro 2012: Day two up and running with Fins Junior Pro

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The Fins Pro Junior is running today, starting with the round of 48. Photo by Carlson.

Day two and a nicer September day you could not ask for. Things kicked off at 8 a.m. this morning with the Fins Pro Junior round of 48. For all you New Jersey surf fans out there, it seems that Stone Harbor’s Mikey Ciaramella and Rumson’s PJ Raia made it through in the early heat.

The Juniors will crank through some heats today and then the Hannah Womens Pro kicks off this afternoon. The surf is contestable again, stomach high bowls on the sets, nice and glassy. It will likely come up out of the south later, but remain at about 6-8 knots. Low tide is about 1 p.m.

For those of you just joining us, the Foster’s Belmar Pro: which includes the Foster’s Pro, the Masters Pro (35+), the Fins Pro Junior, the Hannah Womens Pro and the 8Eighty Longboard Pro will all run through Sunday afternoon.

Thursday saw rounds one and two of the pro completed in small surf. Former World Tour surfer and 2009 Belmar Pro champ, Benny Bourgeois is confirmed as a late entry and is very excited about the weekend forecast. Here is your official SwellInfo forecast updated just minutes ago:

“We are seeing amazing weather on the Jersey Shore this morning and small, 1-2′ contestable waves with light winds and glassy conditions. Sea breezes are likely to pick up out of the south during the afternoon. 
Tropical Storm Nadine is sitting SE of Bermuda this morning with max winds of 60mph. She is anticipated to move northward
over the next day before taking an eastward turn. Interactions of Nadine with a stalled frontal boundary off the US East Coast has been creating a substantial fetch of Easterly winds directed towards the Jersey Shore and much of the East Coast. Swells from Nadine and the offshore system will arrive on Sunday. 
The final day of the Belmar Pro is looking fantastic. The Swellinfo model is showing offshore swells in the 4-5′ range @ 14-15 seconds. On the beach, we should see wave heights in the 3-5′ range with bigger 6′ and bigger sets possible.  Winds should stay light and conditions are looking good. All indications are for another amazing Belmar Pro final. “

Don’t forget that tonight’s official Foster’s Belmar Pro party starts at 9 p.m. at 10th Avenue Burrito (801 Belmar Plaza) hosted by Jetty. For updates, follow us on Facebook.