The Belmar Pro is on!

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Yes, the 2012 Foster’s Belmar Pro is running. The Dominicans are here. The Hawaiians have arrived. The dudes from Florida are floating around somewhere. Jetty and Ergo are setting up. 3 Brother’s Pizza has hot pizzas flying out of the oven and the heats are on.


VERY IMPORTANT: The webcast does not run for the early rounds. We will kick off the webcast on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.


Belmar Pro 2012

We started this morning with the Mens round of 80. The surf is one to two-foot and contestable, clean little lines coming through at 13 seconds. You can complain, but Jairo Perez already posted an 8.33, so suck it up.  Jersey boys Chris Kelly, Jonathan Smythe, and Clay Pollioni advanced.

The good news is that the swell is on the rise. According to our official forecaster, SwellInfo:

Nadine was just named by the National Hurricane Center and is currently packing 60 mph winds, churning in the Eastern Tropics. She is anticipated to become a Hurricane on Thursday moving north-west. This storm is not going to get as close to the US as Leslie, however it will interact with a stalled frontal boundary of the East Coast and setup a fair amount of Easterly fetch towards the Jersey Shore and most of the coast.

Waves from Nadine could arrive as early as Saturday afternoon and certainly by Sunday. The early call is showing chest to head range surf with fairly light winds, so it looks like the elements are coming together for a great final day of surfing.

Team Eastern Lines

Hot slices, hot surfing. Photos: Sisom

We had a nice little preview of the event from a South Jersey perspective from the Press of Atlantic City. Check it out.