Looking Towards 2011 After an Historic 2010 Final Day

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It’s a new year, and that means another epic season on the horizon in Belmar. But, seriously? How can the 2011 Fosters Belmar Pro be any better than the spectacle that unfolded in Belmar last September?

We had an international field of pro surfers, bombing hurricane swell, literally thousands of fans on the beach, sunshine, live bands, and an energy level that left the town of Belmar spent and grinning in a blissful afterglow.

“It will be a really hard act to follow the incredible success we had this past year with the Surf, the weather and the crowds, but we will be doing our best to make the 2011 event even better,” said Don Tarrant, of Eastern Lines.

There’s an added element of excitement this year with talk that the ASP might bring a World Tour event to New York in September. Imagine the anticipation with Kelly, Mick, Dane, and Jordy being in the region just a week before the Belmar Pro!

Where the sponsors and the surfing world dragged their feet in the past, everyone is already committing to make the Belmar Pro happen this year. Again, Belmar will feature the Ams Weekend for aspiring local talent on September 10th and 11th. Then the Fosters Pro and Fins Pro Junior will go down September 15th to the 18th. Come September, the beaches, streets, and boardwalk of Belmar will again be hopping.

Tarrant and his staff are already making plans for some parties this winter to get locals pumped for the 2011 Belmar Pro. Be sure to check back to the site regularly. We recently reached 1,000 friends on Facebook. Send us your photos, vids, and memories. Help us to make this another banging Belmar Pro.