2015 Pacifico Belmar Pro Day 1 In The Books!

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Day One of the FINS WSL QS1000 Jr Pro is in the books.

After battling through 1-3ft NE wind swell through the first 4 heats, the 5th Heat of the day was interrupted by a quick but ominous weather cell that blew through crackin lightning bolts all around as the sky opened up causing everyone to run for cover and things to go on hold. After roughly 45 minutes to an hour the rain stopped, the sun barely peeked through just enough to dry up the excess rain, and the heats marched on ending the day by finishing Heat 4 of the Round of 32. Impressive heat scores were posted by Jake Davis and Belmar Pro veteran Cam Richards.

Tomorrow we will get heats under way at 7:30am starting with wrapping up Round 3 of FINS Jr Pro. First up is Round 3 H5 with C. Richards, M. Diaz, E. Gates and D. Glenn.

Our current Swellinfo.com forecast for the next 3 days:
Friday: 2-3 ft mix of SE background swell and N wind swell. Choppy and drifty with N winds 10-15mph+, becoming lighter through the day.
Saturday: 2-3 ft SW swells continue. Light onshore winds in the morning increase in the afternoon.
Sunday: 2-3 ft SE swells. West winds 10-15mph and clean conditions.

* The WSL’s comprehensive wrap-up for today has been posted here. *

Today’s top heat scores:
J. Davis 15.16
C. Richards 14.54
T. Tudela 13.20
M. Diaz 13.16
N. Schweizer 13.10
K. Kobayashi 13.00

Photos from today’s action by DR Stockdale: