The 2017 Monster Energy Belmar Invitational came out the gates hard with an absolute “tube fest”! True to the mystical tradition of the Belmar Pro event’s luck over the years with waves, this year not only didnt disappoint so far, but it came through like a steam roller! It certainly helps that it is held at the climatological peak of the hurricane season! … And the mother of all hurricanes was so big and strong it sent waves our way from the far reaches of the Atlantic without even coming anywhere near us. Unfortunately, as I write this it is about to pummel south Florida. On that note our thoughts and prayers are out strong for our Carribean and Floridian friends and families!

On the other hand, some brave surfing went down in certified epic conditions by anyone’s standards! Plenty of sets have barged through the contest site through days 1 & 2 that were pushing the double overhead mark on the face and possibly even bigger on some sets. And they certainly had the juice! Memorable standaouts the past two days came from the likes of a few young first timers charging the very challenging conditions, and NJ veterans alike. Manasquan Inlet legend TR Deveney’s 14 year old son Cole entered the highly competitive main Mens event and charged a few bombs that made those who know him proud and advanced Cole to the 4th Round. Other standouts performances came from the likes of last year’s winner Kevin Schulz, Belmar locals Logan Kamen and Alex Brooks, NJ rippers Randy Townsend, Rob Kelly and Zach Humphreys, Buxton, NC native Dallas Tolson, NJ former Belmar Pro winner Vince Boulanger, and Floridian Logan Hayes. Longboard savant and “honorary Belmar local”, NC native Tony Silvagni, who’s won the longboard event so many times I literally lost count, had a crazy late foot-shuffle drop into a bomb left and shifted his feet to the back as he came out on the flat, made a square bottom turn and put his longboard at 12:00 and swung one of the best backside off the lips I have ever seen on a longboard, … or ANY board for that matter! The whole beach went absolutely nuts. One of the other standout performances was Ben “Gravy” Graef’s early morning heat in some bomb sets off the south end of the beach getting the rights off the jetty where he got tubed, slammed the lip, and even ended his last wave sitting on his board pretending to drive a car, much to the hysterical laughter and hooting on the beach! {If anyone caught video of that wave please post it and tag us!}

Two epic days of competition in a row and a day of semis and finals left to go on Sunday. Pray the surf Gods can hold up some leftover swell to take us to the final bell. See you in the morning ready to go!

SUNDAY’S FORECAST: Looks like some 3ft @ 12second residual swell from Irma in the waist to chest high range.

Low: 04:40 AM -0.14 ft 05:15 PM 0.20 ft
High: 10:57 AM 5.19 ft 11:26 PM 4.73 ft

Below are photos by DR Stockdale from Friday, Saturdays photos plus Sunday’s, and final results will all be posted Sunday night.

All photos taken by DR Stockdale and are (c) copyright of Belmar Pro. No photos to be used without authorization.