Surf Captain, Belmar Pro Surf Forecast
Forecast for Sunday, September 9, 2022

Synopsis: Earl stuck around all day for Day 2, and we’re praying for enough juice left to finish our final heats tomorrow. Some small residual swell from the storm is expected to hang in there, with deteriorating conditions as the day goes on. Conditions should be clean in the morning with SW winds 5-10mph. Gradual textured conditions will increase for the afternoon with the winds shifting ESE.

Sunday – High 8:34am / Low 2:44pm

Here is a Surf Captain wave map covering the current swell possibilities for Sunday the 11th:

For more specifics and an up to date forecast updated 4 times per day, check out the Surf Captain Belmar, NJ Surf Forecast page. Download the Surf Captain App for iPhone or Android devices.

There is a reason the Belmar Pro consistently gets waves, and its not just because the Surf Gods love us, which we’re convinced they do, but also because the Belmar Pro is scheduled right at the climatology peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.


Directors have chosen to hold the contest in September to coincide with warm water, sunshine, and the peak of Hurricane Season.