In Memory Of Cecil Lear / 1930 – 2022

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Illustration by Phil Roberts

This year the East Coast Surfing community lost its “papa bear”, the magnificent Cecil Lear. Cecil passed away in January at the sturdy age of 91, and that stoked-filled man continued to head to the beach and body surf every morning right till the end. He had a unique energy and zest for life, and was a truly positive and thoughtful person. Add to that, he remained sharp-minded till the very end. He was the friendliest guy you ever met.

To state he was a legend for the East Coast surfing community is an understatement: He co-founded both the Eastern Surfing Association and the East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame, among his other great achievements, has his place on the Huntington Beach Surfers Walk Of Fame.

Everyone who knew Cecil absolutely loved him and had the upmost respect for his place in our world. This year’s event is in honor of Cecil, and he will be in our hearts and minds as we go. Cheers to the legend! 🙌