Artist Jay Alders returns, live painting at Belmar Pro

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Jay Alders returs to the Belmar Pro. Photo: Jay Cagney

We’re very excited to announce that Jay Alders will be back doing live painting at the Foster’s Belmar Pro this year. Alders has become one of the biggest names in art associated with the surf and ocean lifestyle, doing work with Billabong, G Love, Mishka, Rob Machado and countless others. He has done the official poster for the Belmar Pro in the past and murals on the beach. A native of New Jersey’s beaches, he and his wife moved to Florida two years ago.

“I’ve always wanted to escape winters and live near palm trees and see dolphins every day, but strangely enough it gets old after a while. I came back to Jersey every two to three months while I was away and really missed my family, close friends and all the culture, urban living and waves that the north east has to offer.  I realized some things I took for granted and have gained a more pure appreciation of my home state,” says Alders.

 Photo: Jay Cagney.

Jersey artists Jay Alders returns to paint live at the Belmar Pro. Photo: Jay Cagney.

This year, Alders will again be painting under his tent, taking in the whole scene of the Belmar Pro.

“It’s an event that I always look forward to.  Being a former resident of Belmar, it’s one of the towns I feel most at home in.”

When Alders learned that Hawaiian legend, Buttons Kaluhiokalani was too sick to make the trip out to compete this year, he donated some of his work for the fundraiser on Sept 12 to help Buttons deal with medical costs.

Come out an meet Alders next weekend and check out this hometown boy’s work.