Making the Belmar Pro 1st Place Men’s Trophy

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Meet Ronnie Jackson; The New Jersey surf legend from Monmouth County that has been creating the beautiful 1st Place Men’s trophy for the Belmar Pro for many years. We felt it was long overdue to give Ronnie a fitting tribute.

Aside from painting the art seen in the this year’s branding, promo, banners, etc (and the website header above), and also from creating the Men’s 1st Place trophies every year, Ronnie is also a ripping, lifelong surfer who is unanimously considered the apex ruler of “The Cove” at Sandy Hook at the north end of the Jersey coast. Still to this day Ronnie can be found back-dooring into deep tubes, and smacking the life out of those poor lips.

So to you, the former, and this year’s winners of the long-running Belmar Pro Men’s division, your trophy isn’t created by just anyone, he’s earned his respect IN the water too.

Below is a video tribute (and some images) to the man behind the coveted 1st Place trophy of one of the toughest competitive surfing competitions in the USA, the Men’s division of the annual Belmar Pro: